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8 Ball Pool Auto Win Hack

8 Ball Pool Auto Win Hack

Required Program
Cheat Engine

Watch The Video !

8 Ball Pool Cues Hack

8 Ball Pool Cues Hack

1. Open Program Cheat Engine
2. No Need To Change 4 Bytes
3. Enter London Cue Code ''1044''
4. Change To Cue Code (Example Potter Cue,Legendary Cue,Lucky Cue)
5. Change Value To  Cue Code You Want
6. Go To A Game And If You Dont Want To Play Just Refresh And There Will Be No Problem Cue Will Stay Permanently


itemID=--1- chatPhrase=-Standard Cue-
itemID=-89- chatPhrase=-Twisted candy cue-
itemID=-91- chatPhrase=-cow hide cue-
itemID=-93- chatPhrase=-Matte black cue-
itemID=-95- chatPhrase=-Classic Cue!-
itemID=-97- chatPhrase=-Skull cue-
itemID=-99- chatPhrase=-Neon cue-
itemID=-101- chatPhrase=-Tiger cue
itemID=-103- chatPhrase=-Steampunk cue-
itemID=-105- chatPhrase=-Icue-
itemID=-111- chatPhrase=-Crystal cue!-
itemID=-113- chatPhrase=-Flame cue-
itemID=-115- chatPhrase=-Camouflage cue-
itemID=-117- chatPhrase=-Snake Skin cue!-
itemID=-119- chatPhrase=-The Millionaire-
itemID=-129- chatPhrase=- Australia cue-
itemID=-131- chatPhrase=- Canada cue-
itemID=-133- chatPhrase=- Germany cue-
itemID=-135- chatPhrase=- UK cue-
itemID=-137- chatPhrase=- USA cue-
itemID=-138- chatPhrase=-Ninja cue-
itemID=-140- chatPhrase=-The  Pharaoh-
itemID=-142- chatPhrase=- Halloween cue-
itemID=-221- chatPhrase=-XMas cue-
itemID=-431- chatPhrase=-Indonesia cue-
itemID=-157- chatPhrase=-Zombie cue-
itemID=-1020- chatPhrase=- Russia!-
itemID=-1022- chatPhrase=-Royal Blue-
itemID=-1024- chatPhrase=-Digitized-
itemID=-1026- chatPhrase=-Blue Hope-
itemID=-1028- chatPhrase=-Binder!-
itemID=-1030- chatPhrase=-Norseman-
itemID=-1032- chatPhrase=-Barbaric-
itemID=-1034- chatPhrase=-Elven -
itemID=-1036- chatPhrase=-Platinum Viper -
itemID=-1038- chatPhrase=-Jester-
itemID=-1040- chatPhrase=-Czar-
itemID=-1042- chatPhrase=-Potter-
itemID=-1044- chatPhrase=-London-
itemID=-1098- chatPhrase=-My turn to triumph-
itemID=-1092- chatPhrase=-Blimey!-
itemID=-1094- chatPhrase=-Most honorable-
itemID=-1122- chatPhrase=-Majestic-

By --FearedOne DM--

8 Ball Pool Text Hack

8 Ball Pool Text Hack 

Download Cheat Engine:
Click To Download

1. Go In The Game
2. Open Cheat Engine 
3. Find Right Process 
4. Change 4 Bytes To String
5. Enter Sorry Gotta Run And Click First Scan
6. Let It All Go To Adress List And Then Change Value What You Want To Say To Other Player

For Example (Hello Friend,Whats Up,Im A Hacker,My Name Is FearedOne DM)

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Dragon City Uncle Sam Dragon Hack

Hack By --FearedOne DM--

Required Link:
Click Me

1. Enter Your Facebook And Session ID
2. Enter This Proxy ID:  Proxy Port:8080
3. Hit The Submit Button And Enjoy Your Uncle Sam Dragon !